Maintenance and Modernization Solutions for Existing Buildings



Make life easier with intelligent, flexible maintenance services

Increase equipment uptime and reliability with our latest, predictive maintenance solutions.

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Experience KONE DX elevator modernization

With KONE DX, our elevator modernization solutions have been digitally transformed to address the future needs and dynamic changes within your building. We remain committed to providing reliable, sustainable and smart elevator systems for all types of buildings.


Increase the lifespan of aging escalators

Our escalator modernization solutions are engineered to give you more from the inside out, whether you're interested in a full replacement or just need to upgrade individual components.

Supporting you every step of the way

A properly maintained elevator or escalator can stay in service for decades. We’re here to serve you every step of the way – throughout the entire life cycle of your equipment.


Keep your tenants happy

Our preventive maintenance services help to keep your tenants happy by making sure the equipment in your building is running at its best – regardless of brand or type. We start by getting a firm understanding of your site and equipment, then create a tailored maintenance plan to match.

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Plan for the future

You can easily keep track of your equipment’s condition and any maintenance activities. We offer thorough equipment assessments and planning support to help you eliminate unpleasant surprises related to performance, budgeting, and parts obsolescence. When it’s time to modernize, proper planning ensures your equipment continues to operate reliably, complies with the latest safety standards, and complements your building’s design.


Enhance your equipment

As time goes on, even the best equipment eventually needs care and attention that goes beyond regular maintenance because of things like wear and tear or changes in your building’s design or how it is used. Older equipment may use parts that are already, or will soon be, obsolete – leading to a risk of extended downtime.

With our flexible range of modernization packages you can improve the safety, reliability, accessibility, and appearance of your equipment, as well as cut energy costs. If your equipment needs a completely fresh start you can choose full replacement to enjoy all the benefits of a brand new elevator or escalator in the shortest possible time.

Going beyond just maintenance and modernization

We don't just fix and upgrade your elevators and escalators, we create an experience with solutions that are sustainable, connected, flexible and future proof.