Elevator full replacement

Elevator and escalator installation, service, modernization, replacement and supporting world-class people flow in your buildings.

If your aging elevator is failing, it's time to consider a full replacement

Why choose KONE MonoSpace Flex DX full replacement solution?

  • It's a completely new elevator.
  • It fits into existing traction and hydraulic elevator shafts.
  • Offers the option to either retain existing entrances (and reduce building disruption), or provide new entrances with a built-in integrated control space (and eliminate the need for a machine room).
  • Is highly energy efficient, using up to 70% less energy than hydraulic units.
  • Provides an ultra-smooth ride – no jolting, noise, smell, or vibration.
  • Is smart, with built-in connectivity for remote monitoring (providing enhanced safety) and predictive maintenance (addressing problems before they occur).*
  • Our dedicated project managers keep your elevator installation on time and on budget, with minimized disruption during the modernization process.

*Separate agreements required, charges apply.

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