KONE People Flow Planning and Consulting

An investment in your building’s future


Make smarter investment decisions

Whether you’re developing a new building, modernizing or expanding an existing one, we’ll help you make smarter investment decisions with meaningful insights based on real data.


Design a building that works for everyone

Through our expertise, we can advise on people flow improvements that will future-proof your building. With valuable insights into your building’s people flow you can design a flexible, functional experience for users with seamless navigation, shorter travel times, and no bottlenecks or crossflows.


Take control of your assets

With hard data and valuable insights on how to help different user groups get the most from your building, you’re in a better position to attract new tenants and keep your existing ones happy.

People Flow™ is an integral part of the building user experience

What does great people-flow look like, and how do we make sure everyone can take advantage of it?

Quick and secure access

Effortless navigation

Reduced crossflows

Clear guidance and timely communication

Optimal user experience

Advanced digital solutions

Improved travel efficiency

Lack of congestion

Our business is to understand your building

Making your office work

A great experience of building tenants is a key selling point for any modern workplace – and people flow is an integral part of it. We can help you design people flow that keeps employees and visitors satisfied, with easy access, effortless navigation, and short travel times.

Building a memorable hotel experience

Smooth flow of people and goods can help build your property’s brand by enhancing its reputation and encouraging positive recommendations. With the help of our expertise you can provide every guest with a memorable experience.

Bringing clarity to mixed-use buildings

Buildings in increasingly dense urban environments often combine transport services, retail and office facilities, and hotels in one space. Our expertise and data-based recommendations bring clarity to the flow of people and goods to create an intuitive experience that meets the needs of all building users.

Holistic thinking for smarter buildings

Using a combination of expert analysis, hard data, and world-class analysis tools, we conduct holistic vertical people flow analysis and planning that supports the design of a new development or helps determine the right modernization approach for an existing building.


Analyzing your people flow

The first step is to carry out a people flow analysis of your building. We eliminate guesswork by gathering real data through sensors and expert observations on site, then use advanced analytics to capture the true traffic profile of your building. Seeing is believing, so we base our approach on strong data points, cross-functional teams, and tailored 3D simulations.


Identifying potential challenges

With a clear picture of the people flow of your building or design scheme, we can more easily identify pain points such as potential bottlenecks and areas where things like navigation and guidance might be challenging. We’ll also analyze the user experience from the perspective of different groups including staff, visitors and VIPs, and people with restricted mobility.


Recommending the optimal solutions

Using a detailed scenario study we’ll analyze several feasible improvement options. During this step we’ll also examine how changes in the building users, equipment, or operations will impact overall experience and performance.


Validating the solutions and creating a roadmap for the future

In the final step we’ll work closely with you to determine how to make the proposed scenario a reality and ensure that it meets the current and future needs of your building and everyone who uses it.

KONE People Flow Planning and Consulting

Get in touch with a people-flow expert

Get in touch with a people-flow expert

Creating good people flow takes a combination of solid data and expert insights. Our experts first develop an understanding of how people move around your building and then use these insights to optimize the people-flow design.

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