Frequently asked questions

Before applying

  • Creating a personal account is required always when you apply for a KONE job opening for the first time. By creating an account, you are able to follow the status of your application and reuse your application form and files for another job application.

  • Unfortunately no. To have your profile saved to our new career pages, you will need to create a new user account the first time you apply for job openings in there.

  • When filling in the application you will be asked to include a resume/CV in it as well as information regarding your education, working experience and skills. It is important to fill in all information you find relevant since it will be visible on your candidate profile. You may attach CV and other supporting documents in .doc-, .docx-, .txt-, .html- and .pdf- format.

  • If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can use that to automatically fill in certain details in the application form and complete the application process faster.

  • Unfortunately it is not possible to send open applications. All applications should be attached to a specific job opening.

After applying

  • A confirmation email will be sent automatically to the email address you gave in your application form. Make sure to type in your email address correctly.

  • To follow the status of your application or to reuse your information in another application, you need to sign in to your account on the Apply now -page. Click “View My Account” and then “View Application Status”.

  • Yes, by signing into your account.

  • No, it is not possible. However your application details will be made anonymous automatically after certain period of time (in line with legal requirements in the country where the job is based in). If you want your application to be deleted, please contact

  • If you know your password: sign in, click the tab “View My Account” and then the link “Update Your Password”. If you have forgotten your password: Click on “Sign In” and then “I have forgotten my password” on the bottom right.

  • You can save a "Search Agent". This means that you save your search criteria and we will send you an email when job/-s matching your search is published. You can also subscribe to an RSS feed of the results. To do this, click the RSS -link below your search results.

When filling the application form

  • Your session will not expire

  • Our career pages should work properly with any browser.

  • Normally, you should use the same language as the job advertisement is written in. If you want to be considered internationally, send your application in English.

  • CV and other supporting documents can be sent in .doc-, .docx-, .txt-, .html- and .pdf- format.

  • There`s no limitation for the amount of documents, but maximun size of the files altogether is 5 MBs.

  • Maximun size of the files altogether is 5 MBs.