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MonoSpace® 700 Mid-Rise Elevator

Introduced in 1996, KONE MonoSpace™ was the world’s first practical, affordable and efficient Machine Room-Less elevator concept. Today, KONE leads the industry with over 125,000 MRL applications.

  • Superior Ride Quality
  • Creates more usable space
  • Uses less energy
  • Uses no oil
  • Reduces construction costs
  • Variety of visual options
  • Preferred choice for mid-rise buildings 6 to 27 floors

Product information


KONE MonoSpace 700 is a fully customizable machine room-less for mid- to high-rise applications


  • Speed: - ft/min(m/s): 200, 350, 500 fpm (1.00, 1.78, 2.54 m/s)
  • Max. travel: - ft(m: 300 (91.4)
  • Capacity: - lbs(kg): 2000 - 5000 AIA (907-2268)
  • Landings: 6 - 27


  • 52 professionally designed car interiors to choose from
  • Six design themes to inspire you
  • Over 100 accessories and materials that can be combined to create a customized look and feel

KONE MonoSpace® highlights


  • Excellent eco-efficiency – hoisting technology, lighting and standby solutions for energy efficient operation.
  • Superb ride comfort – smooth and silent operation through the latest elevator technology and quality tests performed after each installation.
  • Versatile design - a broad set of attractive materials and accessories to create the perfect interior for your elevator.


The KONE Design Collection is a versatile set of inspiring elevator car interiors that have been created by our award-winning design team. Choose a complete interior from one of the collection’s contemporary design themes, or create your own unique look and feel by mixing and matching our wide range of materials and accessories.

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