Remote Elvator Monitoring

Ask yourself...

  • Is your current answering service staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
  • Are the calls answered by personnel with experience handling emergency situations?
  • Can the answering service dispatch an elevator technician to you immediately?
  • Does the answering service know the location status of the technician and when they are expected to arrive?

ASME A17.1/B44 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators requires that your elevator be connected to an outside staffed location operating on a 24/7 basis through the use of a phone system, so that two-way communication is available and the appropriate response can be taken by trained personnel should an emergency situation occur.

KONE Care Phone Monitoring is available on all elevators that are equipped with an ADA phone.

KRMS Care Remote Monitoring equipment is a standard feature on most of KONE’s technologically advanced elevator controls and can also be installed on existing KONE equipment by way of modernization.

Remote Elvator Monitoring

KONE Care Phone Monitoring Service

KONE Care Phone Monitoring is a 24/7 monitoring service that addresses emergency communications and passenger safety by linking the elevator phone to our dedicated entrapment line, which connects with our KONE Customer Care Center.™ Customers can choose between two types of Phone Monitoring Services:

1. KONE Care Phone Monitoring Service

This service connects the ADA phone in the elevator Entrapment Line through the existing phone line. The Entrapment Line is a dedicated phone line solely for elevator phones, which receives priority response over other incoming calls.

2. KONE Care Wireless Service

This service eliminates the conventional telephone line and provides the wireless service to connect the phone to the KONE Customer Care Center through a wireless gateway, allowing the customer to eliminate their current elevator phone lines.

Remote Elvator Monitoring


Remote Elvator Monitoring

Both of these solutions provide:

  • A dedicated emergency line ensures calls from elevator phone receive top priority
  • Consolidation of building services with one elevator provider
  • Reduction of your operating expenses
  • Eliminates third party services Direct connection to technicians for improved response times

How emergency voice communication works:

  • Passenger activates the pre-programmed ADA phone by pressing a button in the elevator, and the phone dials to KONE Customer Care Center's dedicated emergency line.
  • Elevator identification and location is immediately displayed at the KONE Customer Care Center.
  • KONE Customer Care Center agent evaluates the nature of the call to determine if an entrapment has occurred; or if someone is testing the phone; or if it is a false alarm.

If an entrapment has occurred:

  • Two-way voice communication from the agent lets passengers know that help is on the way.
  • A technician is immediately dispatched and passengers are told when they can expect help to arrive.
  • The agent calls the emergency contact at the building to alert them of the entrapment.
  • If there is an emergency situation with a trapped passenger, the agent calls the emergency contact at the building to alert them of the need for local fire and police.
  • A customer's contacts will be notified of entrapment situations.
  • The agent remains on the phone with the passengers for continued reassurance.
  • A technician quickly arrives on site and releases the passengers.

If the person in the car is testing the phone

  • Two-way voice communication from the agent confirms the location of the elevator, voice quality of the phone and confirms that the records for the elevator phone are correct.

If the agent cannot determine if there is an actual entrapment:

  • The agent confirms the location of the elevator.
  • If the agent cannot establish communication with anyone in the elevator, then the agent will call the emergency contacts identified for the building. They will alert them of a possible entrapment situation, asking that the customer call KONE back if service is needed.

KONE Care Remote Monitoring

KONE Care Remote Monitoring System is your 24/7/365 monitoring service

This service tool remotely analyzes possible equipment malfunctions before they occur, helping us to predict, detect and ultimately minimize the inconvenience from equipment failures. KONE Care Remote Monitoring is standard on all new KONE elevators and can be installed on any make or model of equipment, regardless of OEM.

Step 1: Daily data call of usage statistics

KONE Care Remote Monitoring downloads information on events, usage and other equipment history so KONE technicians, branch staff and technical support can view data before arriving on site.


KONE technicians, branch staff and technical support use this data to perform virtual advanced troubleshooting, make repairs and reduce future service requests resulting in improved first-time fix rate.


Step 2: Fault monitoring and call-in process

KONE is made aware of potential issues when KONE Care Remote Monitoring calls the server and creates a service request showing that a unit is out of serivce. The KONE Customer Care Center™ calls the customer to verify the equipment status and either dispatches a technician or cancels the service request dependent on the customer's response.

Benefit: KONE is immediately made aware of unusual conditions so problems can be corrected prior to a breakdown – this reduces service requests and improves equipment availability.


Step 3: Predictive Maintenance

KONE Care Remote Monitoring detects conditions and patterns that may lead to future breakdowns. The system will create a request if certain faults occur a set number of times in a pre-defined time frame. These needs are addressed by the technician during the next maintenance visit, and in advance of equipment failure and corresponding service request.

Benefit: Shutdowns are reduced and equipment availability increased thanks to predictive preventive maintenance, which helps control maintenance costs. Based upon data collection, KONE can modify maintenance plans to target specific areas.



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