Our method

KONE Modular Based Maintenance™ is the core of ourcommitment to keeping your equipment working at peak safety and performance. And it has become the world standard in preventive maintenance.

The method is based on individualized maintenance plans for each building and piece of equipment, taking into consideration the equipment’s operational environment and usage, its technical platform and the regulatory requirements in your area. We then provide you with a maintenance plan optimized to extend the lifespan and protect the value of your equipment.

We understand that not all of the components need maintenance at the same time. So, maintenance tasks are grouped into modules, each focused on one key component. Different modules can be taken care of during different visits, according to when they need attention.

Preventive maintenance means fixing problems before things go wrong. Modular Based Maintenance means optimizing safety, quality and value in how you do that.

Our method


Visual map

  1. Controller
  2. Signalization
  3. Hoisting
  4. Shaft
  5. Doors
  6. Door closing mechanism


End-user safety has highest priority in our maintenance

Equipment complies with all relevant safety standards and regulations


  • Global standards and quality audits for maintenance
  • Global maintenance process and methods
  • A unique maintenance plan based on technical characteristics, usage, environment and customer needs

Customer orientation

  • Immediate access to our customer care center
  • Fast response to service requests
  • Transparency to maintenance delivery and equipment performance
  • Minimized out-of-use time for your equipment


Our method


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