Customer Care Center

The team at our customer care center is ready 24/7 to take your call. Your call is answered by staff in one of our national call centers who speak your language, and know your equipment and your situation. All of our staff is fully committed to providing top-quality, responsive service. Our customer care center personnel are professionally trained responders, following systematic procedures to ensure that each call is handled quickly and resolved successfully.

Customer Care Center

  • Available to answer service requests 24/7
  • End-to-end process to follow through service requests, from receiving call, to dispatching a technician to site, to successful resolution of the request
  • Technicians receive service requests on mobile devices
  • Technicians respond immediately, with full knowledge of the problem

How the KONE Customer Care Center works?

Call-outs are instantly forwarded to the local technician’s smartphone via the KONE Field Mobility system. The technician has all the information needed to perform the job within the timeframe specified in your maintenance contract. To ensure the fastest possible response in cases where a person is trapped in an elevator, our agent contacts the nearest technician directly. If there is any potential safety risk, the agent will also contact the relevant local emergency services.

Call-out process

  1. Call-out request
  2. Communicating of the call-out request to the technician through KONE Field Mobility System.
  3. Acceptance of the call by the technician. Confirmation of the technician’s arrival on site.
  4. Job performed by the technician. Information on the call-out supplemented by the KONE Field Mobility system.
  5. Information for the customer available through KONE Care Online service or email notifications


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