Elevators and Lifts

Discover our new range of elevators and lifts. Through our solutions, you’ll experience the expertise and unique know-how of KONE elevator professionals. Want to know what elevator or lift is best suited for your building? Examine the different types and sizes of elevators available. Need a custom elevator or lift? Find an advanced elevator car design tool to make your own elevator.

Did you know that buildings consume up to 40% of global energy*? By themselves, elevators and lifts can consume between 2 and up to 10 percent of the energy consumption in a building**. Day after day, KONE is committed to reducing the power consumption of its elevators through innovation and continuous improvement of its products.

Looking for an enjoyable ride on an elevator? KONE provides its customers and users with the best travel experience through a comprehensive range of innovative solutions: elevators and lifts, escalators and intelligence People Flow solutions.

* Source: International Energy Agency (www.iea.org)
** Source: KONE EU offering

KONE Elevator Design Collection

We're quite proud that KONE is the first elevator company to have won the prestigious Good Design Award, and once you've seen our Design Collection you'll understand why.

KONE EcoDisc Energy-Efficient Hoisting Technology

Years ago, before "green elevator" was a buzz term, our EcoDisc motor revolutionized the elevator industry through its sustainable, energy-efficient design, and it has helped make KONE a world leader in Machine Room-Less (MRL) elevator technology. From a low-rise office to the world's tallest buildings, KONE has a solution which meets your application.


KONE is the first elevator company to receive the prestigious GOOD DESIGN Award.

Elevator Solutions - KONE offers elevators for low, mid, and high rise buildings. See and compare our range in the table below.
Product Description Application Maximum travel - ft(m) Capacity - lbs(kg) Speed - ft/min(m/s) Landings

EcoSpace Low-Rise Elevator »

CADs/Specs »

Using green KONE EcoDisc technology, it's the ideal low-rise MRL solution Machine Room-Less (MRL) 150 (45.7) 2000 - 5000 (907 - 2268) 150 - 350 (0.75 - 1.78) 2 - 15

MonoSpace Mid-Rise Elevator »

CADs/Specs »

Award-winning, green MRL elevator is the preferred choice for mid-rise buildings 6 to 27 floors >Machine Room-Less (MRL) 300 (91.4) 2000 - 5000 AIA (907 - 2041) 200 - 500 (1.0 - 2.54) 6 - 27

EcoSystem MR Mid- to High-Rise Elevator »

CADs/Specs »

Space- and energy-efficient elevator for mid- to high-rise buildings up to 63 floors Machine Room Above 590 (180) 2000 - 5000 (907 - 2268) 200 - 700 (1.0 - 3.5) 6 - 63