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Product information


The KONE TransitMaster™ 220 is a durable, eco-efficient escalator optimized for stadiums, arenas, airports, light rail and convention centers. Our escalator units are now equipped with KONE 24/7 Connected Services, providing you with 24/7 monitoring that help predict problems before they happen, and enables full transparency into maintenance activity.


  • Operational environment: indoor, semi-outdoor, full outdoor
  • Speed: 100 fpm (0.5 m/s)
  • Inclination: 30º
  • Step width: 24", 32", 40" (600, 800, 1000 mm)
  • Vertical rise: up to 52 ft (16 m)
  • KONE 24/7 Connected Services


  • Optional KONE Direct Drive, up to 20% more efficient than conventional worm-gear solutions
  • Signalization solutions and audible alarms to provide clear guidance on escalator travel direction
  • Lighting solutions as a design element and a passenger guidance feature
  • Innovative materials and finishes that ensure a consistent look and feel in your building

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Options and highlights

Travelmaster 110, 120


  • Eco-efficient operation modes regulates needed current based on load situations
  • Long lasting LED lighting is up to 80% more efficient than fluorescent lighting and lasts up to 10 times longer
  • Energy efficient inverter provides smooth speed regulation during standby operation


In addition to the standard safety features, we offer optional safety features including:

  • New traffic signalization solutions to provide extra guidance for passengers
  • Audible alarms will sound if passengers enter the escalator in the wrong direction when in standby operation mode
  • Optional fall-prevention barrier and extended balustrades provide additional passenger protection


High quality visual design for the best possible user experience:

  • Innovative and attractive lighting solutions that also improve passenger guidance and safety
  • Wide range of design options to create stunning visual effects and perfectly match your building’s architecture
  • High quality component finishes and a harmonized look and feel throughout the KONE product portfolio

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Other escalator solutions

Product name
Description (+type)

Maximum rise
Duty cycle
TravelMaster™ 110
escalatorCommercial, retail, hotel, office

31' 2" (9.5 m)78 f/m, 98 f/m
20-24 hours/day
Indoor, outdoor, semi-outdoor
TransitMaster™ 140

60 ft (18 m)
100 fpm (0.5 m/s)
30°up to 24 hours/day
Indoor, semi-outdoor